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Bach to Moog

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In January 2015, Moog Music, the 60-year-old analogue synthesizer company, announced that for the first time in more than 30 years, it would once again build the large format modular synthesizer first introduced by its founder and inventor, Dr. Robert Moog in 1964. It also marks the 10th anniversary of Dr. Moog s passing. To mark these events, Sony Classical is releasing Bach to Moog, a brand-new album showcasing the newly re-issued Moog System 55 Modular Synthesizer featuring the works of Johann Sebastian Bach in a compelling and contemporary way. This is the first album to be recorded utilizing this new Moog modular system which integrates the synthesizer into the orchestra as a solo instrument and also as a processor of other instruments.

Bach to Moog is produced by American composer, arranger and record producer, Craig Leon, famous for his work with The Ramones and Blondie as well as his work with in the classical arena with Luciano Pavarotti, Joshua Bell and Sir James Galway. Leon is also celebrated for his seminal synthesizer albums from the 1970s, Nommos and Anthology of Interplanetary Folk Music, Vol. 1, which were re-released in 2014 to great acclaim to a new generation of electronic music fans. On Bach to Moog, Leon blends his love and mastery of classical, electronic and synthesizer music and is joined by acclaimed British classical violinist, Jennifer Pike, the youngest winner of the BBC Young Musician of the Year competition, and the Sinfonietta Cracovia.

Bach to Moog is the first full-length album to use a Moog Modular synthesizer since the historic 1968 album, Switched on Bach, which inspired many musicians of the time to explore the wondrous new world of synthesized music making. Switched on Bach sold millions of albums worldwide and is credited for bringing the synthesizer into the mainstream of pop music recording.

Moog Music will include information about Bach to Moog in all of their press outreach for the Moog System 55 Modular Synthesizer throughout 2015.