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FFS - FFS (2xLP Limited Coloured Vinyl)

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Two bands of pop miscreants, Franz Ferdinand and Sparks, join forces on this LP that plays to the wily strengths of both acts. Suave, danceable nighttime tales like the synth-poppin’ “Call Girl” and tracks like the mini-operatic “Johnny Delusional” each serve to highlight the appeal of Franz Ferdinand and Sparks, respectively, while deeper cuts meld their styles more fully, marrying Franz’s driving post-punk beats to Sparks’ art-pop whimsies perfectly on “Dictator’s Son.” With six players, there are a lot of ideas and voices on FFS(literally, as vocals tend to be handled in group-sing fashion), yet for all of its variety, the album feels pretty honed while plenty varied, allowing room for an extended acoustic narrative like “Little Guy from the Suburbs” and madcap new-waver like “Police Encounters” to share space. It’s the rare supergroup that works because both bands seem to enliven each other, Sparks’ decades of experience in not giving a fuck helping Franz Ferdinand to lighten up a bit from their past few albums, and Franz’s energy helping Sparks to sound relevant and young again. The bands themselves are aware of how silly such a project can come off—one track sees the sixsome pointing out how often “Collaborations Don’t Work” over slowly morphing chamber-pop. This time, it does.