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Four Tet - Beautiful Rewind

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Four Tet’s music has always evoked movement. From the gently shuffling grooves of 2001’s Pause to the mesmerizing interlocution between animate components that defined his breakthrough album, Rounds, and, indeed, all the way to the meditative, trance-like minimalism of 2010’s There Is Love in You, the compositions of Kieran Hebden have never failed to, in a broad sense, elicit notions of dance; it’s hard not to imagine the ways that the human body might bend and stretch, might spin and jump, might stand still — might, in one way or another, move — in response to Hebden’s music. Pink, last year’s album-length compilation of previously released 12-inch singles, signaled a shift into a more tightly quantized, dance-oriented phase for the Four Tet project, certainly a logical development given the inherent connection to movement that his music has always maintained. In many ways, Beautiful Rewind, the first wholly new Four Tet record since There Is Love, continues this exploration of dance, but it also complicates it by engaging more directly with musical material from outside the oeuvre of Hebden.