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Beat Happening - Look Around

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Look Around gives us the full Beat Happening story, opening with their first ever single, “Our Secret,” and moving all the way through their final album, 1992’s You Turn Me On. Calvin Johnson’s band helped launch his influential K Records label and establish Olympia, Wash. as the indie-rock hotbed it continues to be. Johnson, Heather Lewis and Bret Lunsford helped define twee and indie rock of the ’80s, firmly placing conviction and originality over technical proficiency. Johnson’s inimitable vocals drone through spare smatterings of Velvet Underground-inspired drum beats and simple, reverby guitars on hypnotic tunes like “Tiger Trap” or the indie classic “Indian Summer.” Though the band would eventually become a touchstone, helping turn on a certain Mr. Cobain to the sounds of the underground, the band never lost that core, ramshackle appeal—nor did they need to, as this collection proves.